TERM 1: 

  Wednesday January 27th  (educators start)
  Thursday January 28th   (information sharing days start)   

  TERM ENDS:  Thursday April 1st    


  Monday April 19th

  TERM ENDS:  Friday June 25th


  Monday July 12th                                                   

  TERM ENDS:  Friday September 17th   


  Monday October 4th                                             

  TERM ENDS:  Friday December 17th 



Our Kindergarten follows the same public holidays as all Victorian State Government Primary Schools. Families will be notified in advance of holidays in the fortnightly Kindergarten Newsletter.



This is the informal name for the vital assistance given by you during a Kindergarten session time.  At the beginning of each term, a roster will be displayed for families to use to indicate days on which they may be available to assist with helping the educators or children or with activities.  You will find this experience very enjoyable and rewarding.  This also gives the educators the valuable assistance that they need each session.



We encourage the children to NOT wear superhero costumes to Kinder. These costumes allow children unspoken “permission” to act out their chosen character which often results to aggressive fighting behaviour. This makes it very difficult for educators to be able to reinforce positive behaviour strategies that we use and role model with the children. We thank you for your cooperation.


You are most welcome to send a birthday cake or little patty cakes along for your child’s birthday - please ensure there is enough to share for about 26 children.   We will sing “Happy Birthday” and then share the treat during lunch time.  You might like to join us on the day and stay for the session.  Please let your teacher know what you will bring as a treat for this special day, we may have children with specific allergies that may be at risk of Anaphylaxis. Please note that we are a nut free Kindergarten.