• Named Kindergarten bag.
  • Named change of clothes appropriate to weather conditions.
  • Spare underwear.
  • Suitable Fruit and a Lunch in a named snack box that is easy to use BY YOUR child. Please refer to paragraphs relating to Fruit Time and Lunch Time.



Please ensure that your child wears comfortable play clothes and shoes or sandals that have soles with grip. Children can choose to remove their shoes during the warmer weather seasons, for sandpit play only.  Thongs and Crocs are not suitable, as these are dangerous when climbing. 

Families are encouraged to apply sunscreen to their child before they arrive at Kindergarten. During the session, educators will reapply sunscreen on your child. If your child needs a specific type of sunscreen, then please label it and then give it to an educator and this sunscreen will need to stay at Kindergarten. In the colder months, children need a warm coat to wear outside.  Cherry Crescent pre-school reinforces that all children are required to wear a SunSmart hat while playing outside, (please refer to our Sun Smart Policy).  Families enrolling their child, (during Orientation Day), will purchase a Cherry Crescent Pre-School Legionnaire SunSmart hat, which will be worn at Kindergarten during times which there is risk from ultraviolet rays.  Every child will have their own separate cubby to place their Kindergarten SunSmart hat, where they will be kept during the year.  The SunSmart hats must stay at Kindergarten at all times.

If your child does get paint on clothing, remember to wash in cold water as hot water sets some of the dyes in the paints.

Please ensure that your child has a spare set of clothes and underwear in case of “accidents”, or getting wet in the sandpit.



Every session you will need to provide enough fruit or vegetables for your child to have during Fruit Times. One Fruit time in the morning and another Fruit Time in the afternoon.  This may include fresh or dried fruit or vegetables (for example celery, cucumber, carrots or tomatoes.) You will also need to provide your child with their own water bottle with their name clearly labelled on it. Strictly water only.  



Please provide a lunch box that is easy for YOUR CHILD to use. This container will have a healthy sandwich, wrap, sushi, plain yoghurt, cheese and plain crackers or vegetables with dip. This will be called our Lunch Time. A cold ice block will need to be placed into your child’s lunch box to help their food stay cold. Unhealthy spreads and foods such as jam, nutella, chips, lollies, cakes or sweet biscuits will be returned home.



Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Morning Fruit Time Morning Fruit Time Morning Fruit Time Morning Fruit Time Morning Fruit Time
Lunch Time Lunch Time Lunch Time Lunch Time Lunch Time
Afternoon Fruit Time Afternoon Fruit Time Afternoon Fruit Time Afternoon Fruit Time Afternoon Fruit Time