Cherry Crescent Preschool has received a rating of Exceeding National Quality Standard. The service was a small, intimate preschool located in an established residential area of Braybrook. In 2016, the Australian Bureau of Statistics noted the area having 61.3% of its population speaking languages other then English. In 2011, the SEIFA ranked the area as being the fourth most disadvantaged suburb in metropolitan Melbourne.
Through the implementation of effective, high quality programs, and an embedded focus on involving families within all aspects of the service and its decision making, the children took part in a culturally rich and diverse program. The children attending the service actively engaged in a wide range of meaningful experiences, that extend and promote skills for lifelong learning. The service displayed a strong commitment to the local families and had developed a sense of community that was actively promoted and supported, and encouraging inclusiveness for all. Educators were supportive, and attuned to the needs of all children within the program, and were proactive in their responses to children.
The approved provider, educators and staff are acknowledged for their participation in the assessment and rating process.