Please make sure that any money sent to Kindergarten with your child, that it is placed in a sealed envelope. On the envelope clearly write your child’s name, group, the amount of money and the reason for payment.  Money should be given to an educator and NOT left in your child’s bag. Please make sure that you include CORRECT money at ALL TIMES.   For security reasons, we are unable to provide you with change.



Fees are essential for the survival of this Kindergarten.  All Kindergartens in Victoria including Cherry Crescent Pre-school receive Victorian Government funding. The Committee appreciates the prompt payment of fees as the Committee of Management is responsible for ensuring that the Kindergarten budget is adhered to.  It is therefore essential that all fees are paid promptly and we do ask for your co-operation in this matter.  We accept cash or cheque (made out to Cherry Crescent Preschool).

Direct transfer can be made using the following bank details.

Account name: Cherry Crescent Preschool

BSB: 063172

Account number: 10137385

Please use your child’s name as the reference and the reason for payment (for example ‘fees’). Once the transfer has been made, please notify the Kindergarten so that a receipt can be issued.



Please refer to policy documents



Fundraising levy

In 2017 the Committee of Management introduced a Fundraising levy to remove the smaller fundraising activities throughout the year. Our voluntary Fundraising levy for each family is $30.00 per term for our 4 year old program or $30.00 per term for our 3 year old program.  

Sun hats

Families will be required to purchase a Cherry Crescent Preschool legionnaire SunSmart hat at the beginning of each year. SunSmart hats will cost $10 each.

Incursion and excursions

Periodically throughout the year, educators may organise excursions and or incursions to compliment the kindergarten program. To supplement the cost of these organised activities, families may be asked to pay extra money for these incursions and excursions to occur. The total cost per child will not be any more than $45 per year.

Kindergarten Photos as well as our Concert and Graduation Evening DVD

During the year, we will be using SchoolPix to come and take photographs of the children. These photographs will be made available for families to purchase. Package prices will be supplied at the time.

At the end of the year, the 4 year old children will participate in a Concert and Graduation Evening. This Evening will be professionally filmed and a DVD will be made available for families to purchase.