The Committee of Management is elected each year in February at the Annual General Meeting. Our Model Rules provide for four office bearers - President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary - and six General Members. The service provided by the Committee of Management is vital to the smooth running of the Kindergarten.

A monthly meeting is generally held on a Monday at 7:00pm at the Kindergarten, unless a term break precludes this. A list of Committee members and contact numbers will be displayed on the notice board in the foyer.

Families are welcome to contact members of the Committee through the Kindergarten or by phone. If you wish to attend a Management Committee Meeting or have copies of minutes or agendas passed on to you, please contact the Secretary in advance so arrangements can be made.



President (Executive role)

The President represents the committee to the outside world. This role will suit someone with a general interest in the kindergarten, who is good at delegating and helping people understand priorities and who is comfortable making decisions.

Expectations of the role include but not limited to:

  • Chair monthly committee meeting
  • Leads the executive team
  • Liaise with the Director regarding kindergarten matters on a regular basis
  • Liaise with external bodies such as The City of Maribyrnong
  • Responsible for staffing and financial operation in accordance with policy
  • Support Vice-President in regard to staff matters
  • Act as signatory to the bank accounts
  • Attendance required to all Committee meetings (per month).


Where requested, the outgoing President will be available for ongoing support and consultation to a newly elected committee.



Vice President (Executive role)

The main focus of this role is as the staff liaison officer to all staff employed at the kindergarten. The Vice-President is required to work closely with the President and acts as a support where necessary.

Expectations of the role include but not limited to:

  • Represent the committee in developing and maintaining a professional relationship with staff
  • Maintain an open and clear line of communication between staff and management
  • First point of call for any issues staff may raise with management
  • Ensure all VECCTA award regulations and conditions are met
  • Ensure all staff are aware of any policy and regulation changes
  • Ensure all regulations are met in relation to staff
  • Advertising and interviewing for new staff as required, along with the other educators


This position could suit someone who has some management experience, who has some experience in the field of human resources or who has strong and clear communication skills and would enjoy the chance to support and work with our exceptional educators.


Secretary/Public Officer/Minutes Officer (Executive role)

The main role of the Secretary is to assist in communications between the committee, educators, families and community.

Expectations of the role include but not limited to:

  • Responsible for the administration of the committee
  • Update and manage the website with relevant kindergarten procedures
  • Produce posters to market kindergarten events e.g. working bees or fundraisers
  • Endorsed policies are update and maintained on our website.

The website content is provided by educators, committee members and families. The website has been created by Sites n Stores a webpage creation service. No actual programming or web-development skills are needed, just a computer connected to the internet. No special software is needed since the website itself has all the software installed.

The outgoing Secretary will be available for continuous support and training.


Treasurer (Executive role)

Expectations of the role include but not limited to:

  • Provides strategic leadership ensuring obligations under the Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012 are met
  • Responsible for the banking, authorisation of bill and accounts
  • Act as signatory to the bank accounts
  • Reconcile monthly bank statements
  • Provide Auditor with all required documentation to complete Annual Financial Statement
  • Ensures all financial requirements are being met (e.g. fees received in time, salaries and superannuation are being paid, government funding is correctly applied for etc.)
  • Overall financial planning for the kindergarten.


This role may require you to have experience or skills in accounting or bookkeeping.


General Member (Non Executive)

This role involves participating in Committee meetings. Each General Member contributes to the decision making that occurs within our kindergarten. This is the perfect role for those who are unsure if they would like to take on a formal position but would still like to be involved in the general workings at our kindergarten. General members that cannot attend all meetings can provide feedback to the meeting minutes and submit agenda items based on concerns raised by families.



The Committee of Management have adopted many policies to help ensure that the Kindergarten maintains that every child has access to a quality early childhood program.

Policies adopted

  •  Staffing Policy
  •  Code of Conduct Policy
  •  Determining Responsible Person Policy
  •  Governance and Management of the Service Policy
  •  Occupational Health and Safety Policy
  •  Participation of Volunteers and Students Policy
  •  Acceptance and Refusal of Authorisations Policy
  •  Administration of First Aid Policy 
  •  Anaphylaxis Policy
  •  Asthma Policy
  •  Child Safe Environment Policy
  •  Compliments and Complaints Policy
  •  Dealing With Infectious Diseases Policy
  •  Administrating of Medication Policy and Dealing With Medical Condition Policy
  •  Delivery and Collection of Children Policy
  •  Diabetes Policy
  •  Emergency and Evacuation Policy
  •  Enrolment and Orientation Policy
  •  Environmental and Sustainability
  •  Ethical Fundraising Policy
  •  Excursions and Service Events Policy
  •  Fees Policy
  •  Hygiene Policy
  •  Incident, Injury, Trauma and Illness Policy
  •  Interactions with Children Policy
  •  Nutrition and Active Play Policy
  •  Privacy and Confidentiality Policy
  •  Sun Protection Policy
  •  Water Safety Policy
  •  Road Safety Transport Policy
  •  Relaxation and Sleep Policy

You are welcome to read our Kindergarten's Policies relating to these issues.  Our Centre Policies Folder is located in the foyer. Please see an educator if you require any assistance.



Our highly experienced and dedicated educators at Cherry Crescent Pre-school are:

Three and Four Year Old


Dianne Ferrel


 Leader/Teacher Educator) 

Sarah Oramas

(Team Teacher Educator)

Georgia Kalaitzakis

(Co Educator)

Funda Latif

(Co Educator)

The children call Educators by their first names as we feel this is more comfortable and welcoming.



Cherry Crescent Pre-School is a member of Early Learning Association Australia (ELAA), which is a body set up to advice and assists Kindergarten Committees and deals directly with the State Government. ELAA aims to promote, sustain and develop Kindergarten education in Victoria.